Top Ten Homeschooling Books


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by Julie Gattis and Laura Saba..Julie Gattis is a
veteran homeschooling mother and co-author of this book.

An all-inclusive guide for the parents of the 1.5 million homeschooled children.  Homeschooling, once an alternative to
conventional education, is experiencing a boom all across America and has become a highly valued option for more and more mainstream parents. The McGraw-Hill
Homeschooling Companion provides parents with a complete, authoritative, truly balanced guide to every aspect of homeschooling, from the primary years through
high school.

This all-in-one manual covers the different approaches to homeschooling as well as the specific methods for setting up the
home learning environment, including legal requirements, supplies, and lesson plans. Individual chapters examine the stages of homeschooling: what curriculum
planning involves, the indispensable tools for the home classroom, computer use, and tips and techniques on teaching all the core curriculum requirements.
Special features include comprehensive treatment of standardized testing, state by state; practical counsel on integrating homeschooling and living in the
outside world; 10 favorite homeschool suppliers; websites; and homeschooling laws for all 50 states.

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(Warner Books, 1988) by David & Micki Colfax.

Homeschooling gained national media attention in the 1980′s when David and Micki’s oldest
son, Grant Colfax, was homeschooled into Harvard. National Headlines read “Goat-Boy
Goes to Harvard.” Long before Harvard, the Colfaxes embarked on a life-changing
adventure by moving to a remote area of Northern California where together they built a
house, farm and several businesses.  Grant, the “Goat-Boy” who started a
goat-raising business to help support the family, also created a great learning
environment. Grant went on to graduate from Harvard University and then Harvard Medical
School. All together, the Colfax brothers attended Harvard, Yale and Harvard Law School.
“Homeschooling for Excellence” has long been viewed as a “must-read”
for anyone who is considering homeschooling.

buy-now.gif (2190 bytes)THE TEENAGE
LIBERATION HANDBOOK: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education

(Lowry House, 1991), by Grace Llewellyn.cover

“The Teenage Liberation Handbook” is undoubtedly dog-eared and sitting on a
close bookshelf of every veteran homeschooling family. Grace Llewellyn presents good
reasons for teens to “drop into life”, by leaving school and reclaiming their
natural ability to learn. The book is filled with great advice and personal stories like
how to design a real-life education, how to find volunteer positions, and how to get into
college without going to high school. The Handbook was written with teens in mind. Yet,
its message is true for all ages of homeschoolers; self-taught and self-directed children
are our future leaders and entrepreneurs.

buy-now.gif (2190 bytes)DUMBING US DOWN:
The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

(New Society Publishers, 1991), by John Taylor Gatto.

By a former New York state “Teacher of the Year,” Gatto’s book should be read by
every parent in America before they blindly send their children to school. The author
asserts that the true goal of childhood learning should be to discover the special gift
each child has, and that passion and enthusiasm will lead to other learning pursuits. His
assessment of conventional schooling and what type of citizen it produces is a wake-up
call for anyone concerned about the future of this country.

buy-now.gif (2190 bytes)THE UNSCHOOLING
HANDBOOK: How to Use the Whole World as Your Child’s Classroom

(Prima, 1998), by Mary Griffith.

Mary Griffith and thousands of other unschooling parents believe that learning is as
natural to children as breathing. If allowed to pursue their own interests, children will
cover all the subjects taught in school. And, more importantly, they will continue to love
to learn and explore their world. Filled with advice from other unschooling families
(parents and kids), “The Unschooling Handbook” should be on hand for the
inevitable days when you wonder if your kids are really learning. All homeschooling
families, whether they use a curriculum or not, will find inspiring reasons to let their
children have some freedom in how they learn.

buy-now.gif (2190 bytes)THE HOMESCHOOLING
BOOK OF ANSWERS: The 88 Most Important Questions Answered by Homeschooling’s Most
Respected Voices

(Prima, 1998), edited by Linda Dobson.cover

Linda Dobson enlisted the help of the most respected voices in the homeschooling
community. Every question that new and veteran homeschoolers could ever have is answered
is this book. In the Introduction, after detailing how she collected this information from
around the country, Linda Dobson writes: “You now hold the results in your hand: 500
collective years–half a millennium–of thoughts, observations, philosophies, tips, and
personal stories that can lead you to the personal-empowerment of
What is genuinely interesting about this book is that while you look for answers about
homeschooling, you will find that homeschooling is a way of life and that each family’s
journey is different.

buy-now.gif (2190 bytes)DESCHOOLING OUR

(New Society Publishers, 1996), edited by Matt Hern.

The review of this book by Pat Farenga, president of John Holt Associates and publisher of
Growing Without Schooling Magazine says it all: “Deschooling Our Lives is a terrific
overview of all the things people are doing instead of sending their children to
conventional schools. Most importantly, it is a collection of electrifying essays which
challenge our assumptions about education. Read this book to see how you can live and
learn with your children without committing them to a twelve-year sentence of

buy-now.gif (2190 bytes)THE SUCCESSFUL
coverFree Approach to Homeschooling

(Thomas Nelson, 1994), by Raymond & Dorothy Moore.

The Moores, who are considered to be the “Grandparents” of the homeschooling
movement, use personal experience and extensive research to show readers how to educate
their children at home with low stress, low cost and great success. Part II: Homeschool
Stress: Prevention and Remedy, is not covered better here than in any other homeschooling
book on the market. The Moores have helped thousands of parents successfully homeschool
their children and their book is a must-read for all homeschooling families.

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Big Book of Home Learning : Preschool and Elementary
(vol. 2)

by Mary

Here are your homeschooling answers! Bigger and better
than ever before, the three volumes of The Big Book of Home Learning,
Fourth Edition include the very latest in homeschool product reviews and

  • The 12 steps to homeschool success
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Our detailed “Curriculum Buyer¹s
    Guide” to dozens of major homeschool publishers, organized by
    grade level (elementary school or high school), by religious
    preference, and by educational philosophy
  • Introduction to all major homeschool
    teaching methods
  • Help in discerning your own learning,
    teaching, and organizing styles
  • Help for homeschooling a challenged
    child or a gifted child

 buy-now.gif (2190 bytes)THE COMPLETE HOME

(Three Rivers Press, 1998), by Rebecca Rupp.

Some books call themselves a sourcebook but fall short. Rebecca Rupp’s book is the most
comprehensive and complete source book for Homeschoolers, Parents, and Educators that we
have seen. It covers not only basic academic subjects, but also many other areas your
child could be interested in. When your daughter is fascinated with Celtic dancing you can
quickly find several video’s listed, each with great descriptions and where to purchase
them.  Well worth the price ($29.95), but could be shared with other families.

buy-now.gif (2190 bytes)The Homeschooling Handbook,
2nd Edition

By Mary Griffith

Do you need a book to start homeschooling? No! Should you read a few books
before you consider homeschooling your children? Yes! This is one of them.
Mary Griffith’s Handbook covers topics such as: Making the decision, using
a curriculum, discovering your child’s learning style and much more. From
preschool to high school, Mary Griffith’s savvy and experience resonates
throughout the book.

This book is available for purchase at

buy-now.gif (2190 bytes)Homeschooler’s Success Stories

by Linda Dobson

This is not a how-to book. It’s better. It’s a “how-it-was-done book.” These
exclusive profiles of incredible, homeschooled teens and young adults prove
to the world that homeschooling works! With a moving foreword by Reed Colfax, and the outstanding first chapter, “The Homeschooling Legacy,” the
stories are almost an extra bonus!

This book is available for purchase at


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