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Jun 23

Did Adam & Eve Have Bellybuttons…And 199 other questions from Catholic Teenagers

This book is the #1 book teens turn to for answers on their Catholic Faith. It inspires, informs and challenges teens. With over 125,000 copies sold, Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons? is the top teen book in the Church, five straight years in a row. Each year, literally hundreds of parishes and schools …

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May 21

Homeschooling the Child with Autism: Answers to the Top Questions Parents and Professionals Ask (Jossey-Bass Teacher)

This practical, highly accessible guide answers parents’ and professionals’ questions about teaching children with autism spectrum disorders at home. The book helps parents decide whether to homeschool and guides them through the process of beginning and maintaining an effective homeschool program. All the essential questions are addressed, such as: How do you know if homeschooling …

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Apr 28

Choosing Good Health Sixth grade (Answer Key to Text Questions -teacher’s edition)

Designed specifically for home schoolers to replace the teacher edition; an inexpensive booklet with just the answers to the textbook questions. Sale Price: $3.00 Read More [WPAmazonProfits_Reviews] What do you think of this post?Awesome (0) Interesting (0) Useful (0) Boring (0) Sucks (0)

Apr 25

New World History and Geography (Answer Key to Text Questions)

Teacher’s answer key to text questions in New World – History and Geography. Sale Price: $2.35 Read More [WPAmazonProfits_Reviews] What do you think of this post?Awesome (0) Interesting (0) Useful (0) Boring (0) Sucks (0)

Apr 22

The Homeschooling Book of Answers: The 101 Most Important Questions Answered by Homeschooling’s Most Respected Voices (Prima Home Learning Library)

Up-to-date answers to all your homeschooling questions!More and more families today are turning to homeschooling to teach their children. But where do they go to find honest, practical answers to questions such as: Can I afford it? Or, how will my child make friends without going to school? Look no further. This invaluable guidebook—completely updated …

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Apr 20

Unschooling 101: Top 10 Questions About Learning Without School

People ask me a lot of blunt questions about unschooling. That’s okay with me. It’s why I put myself out there as an advocate. I’m not particularly interested in putting down schooling (or conventional parenting in general), although I certainly could as this provides a starting point for some people to take a closer look …

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Apr 11

Ask Your Science Teacher: Answers to Everyday Questions: Things you always wanted to know about how the world works.

Curiosity stirs the soul of every human. Who has not wondered about how the human body works? Can a person drink too much water? How does gravity make things fall? Why do sunflowers always face the sun. What about a man flying with wings? How big would those wings have to be? How tall can …

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