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Sep 05

Back to Basics: Raising Self-Sufficient Children

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May 31

Real-Life Homeschooling: The Stories of 21 Families Who Teach Their Children at Home

The book that shows homeschooling in action! What does it really mean when parents say they homeschool their child or children? For Rhonda Barfield — a homeschooler for the past 10 years — the definition is as diverse as the 21 families she studies in this eye-opening book. Real-Life Homeschooling From the city to the …

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May 25

Super Easy Storytelling: The fast, simple way to tell fun stories with children

Instantly start telling stories with kids. Great for spontaneous storytelling or for creative writing lessons. Super simple storytelling formula and how-to-guide helps children tell or write stories instantlyExamples and story starting ideasCliffhanger stories you and your kids can finish Online teaching tools to support creative writing lessonsFor kids, the hardest part of storytelling is just …

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May 24

Primary Pals (A Quarterly Newsletter Stuffed Full of Terrific Ideas for Teaching Children, Volume 3)

Includes Daddy-Daughter Party Ideas, Nursery Helps, Sharing Time Presentations, Substitute Reminders, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Helps. 55 pages. Sale Price: $5.00 Read More Homeschool Reviews What do you think of this post?Awesome (0) Interesting (0) Useful (0) Boring (0) Sucks (0)

May 11

Year Round Activities for Two-Year-Old Children (Preschool Curriculum Activities Library, Unit I)

A comprehensive preschool curriculum that includes 195 ready-to-use developmental activities, monthly themes, and weekly sub-themes. Sale Price: $59.75 Read More Homeschool Reviews What do you think of this post?Awesome (0) Interesting (0) Useful (0) Boring (0) Sucks (0)

May 11

Creating Healthy Children

Creating Healthy Children presents many values nature has given us to restore our children’s health through solid nutritional principles. In this informative transformational book, Karen Ranzi will guide you on the path to creating happier and healthier children, confident of their disease- free future. She will share the importance of understanding children’s biological and emotional …

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May 07

Homeschool My Children?: Giving Your Children The Very Best Education At Home

Homeschooling My Child is an introductory book for any caring parent who feels that they’ve been let down by the schooling system. Although many children who are educated through the state system go on to university and have worthwhile careers, there are others who feel disadvantaged for one reason or another. A number of parents …

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May 04

Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life

Our children spend their days being passively instructed, and made to sit still and take tests—often against their will. We call this imprisonment schooling, yet wonder why kids become bored and misbehave. Even outside of school children today seldom play and explore without adult supervision, and are afforded few opportunities to control their own lives. …

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May 02

Christian Unschooling : Growing Your Children in the Freedom of Christ

Finally, a Christian homeschooling book that allows you to think outside the box.Christian Unschooling: Growing Your Children in the Freedom of Christ utilizes the essays of Christian, unschooling parents from across the United States and Canada to reveal a new way of homeschooling-one that is respectful of the child, the parents and the way God …

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Apr 29

Homeschooling Our Children Unschooling Ourselves

A compelling story about one family’s journey into the unknown territory of homeschooling, told with skill by Alison McKee, a gifted teacher with a wide experience in traditional education and a special sensitivity to the individual needs of children. Trusting her own children to “show me the way” was a difficult challenge – but one …

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