Utah Resources

Here is a homeschooling resource page that contains information on legal requirements, frequently asked questions, statistics regarding homeschooling, and support groups for the state of Utah.

There are many sources of information and resources available to homeschoolers, including libraries, local public schools and other educational institutions, government agencies, nonprofit institutions, and other homeschoolers. Parents can also find guidance in books, magazines, and newsletters.


Utah Homeschoollink verified[Oct 10]
Utah Christian Homeschool Associationlink verified[Oct 10]
Utah Homeschoolslink verified[Oct 10]
Herriman Homeschoollink verified[Oct 10]
Weber County Home Educationlink verified[Oct 10]
Homeschooling the Littleslink verified[Oct 10]
Utah Christian Homeschool - link verified[Oct 10]
Cache Valley Homeschoolerlink verified[Oct 10]
Homeschool Friends in Utahlink verified[Oct 10]
TJEd Friends in Utahlink verified[Oct 10]
Charlotte Mason Friends in Utahlink verified[Oct 10]
North Davis Homeschoollink verified[Oct 10]
Utah Unschoolerslink verified[Oct 10]

Please Note: (1) NetHomeschool.Com does not specifically endorse each individual homeschooling support site that may be listed on this page. These sites are provided solely as a convenience in locating homeschooling information. It is up to each individual family to determine the appropriateness of the material provided at each site for their own personal use. (2) Because each state regulates homeschooling differently, parents should examine local laws (and also consult with other homeschoolers in the area) before starting to homeschool. (3) Should you find broken links or information that is inaccurate, please contact us.

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