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May 20

Help! I’m Married to a Homeschooling Mom: Showing Dads How to Meet the Needs of Their Homeschooling Wives

If you are a homeschooler, or are married to one, you know it’s true! This special breed of wife and mother is a largely unsung hero…that is until Todd Wilson decided to raise awareness, raise eyebrows, and raise some laughter. Sprinkled in between the seriously practical side of this book to husbands are Todd’s own …

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May 19

Start Homeschooling – Great Education with Your Child at Home

If you are thinking of homeschooling, or have recently started, then this is the book you should read. After homeschooling her four children for 16 years, Tina Razzell answers all the questions people new to homeschooling ask. “How do I get started?” “What if I fail?” “What about socialization?” With chapters on what to expect …

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May 18

The Homeschooling Handbook, 2nd Edition

Don’t Even Think About Teaching Your Child at Home—Until You Read This BookDiscover why millions of parents are homeschooling their children. In this revised edition of her groundbreaking book, Mary Griffith tells you everything you need to know about the fastest-growing educational movement in the country, including: ·When, why, and how to homeschool ·Detailed learning …

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May 17

Quick and Easy Ways to Connect With Students and Their Parents, Grades K-8: Improving Student Achievement Through Parent Involvement

This hands-on guidebook provides simple strategies for creating a supportive environment where parents, students, and teachers all work toward success in the classroom. Sale Price: $25.57 Read More Homeschool Reviews What do you think of this post?Awesome (0) Interesting (0) Useful (0) Boring (0) Sucks (0)

May 16

No Ordinary Child: Unlocking the Leader Within Your Child

Hungering to see God’s very best for your child? • Looking for a way through a maze of parenting manuals? • Swimming in a sea of expectations of friends, family, and school? • Considering the myriad of moral matters confronting your family? • Trying to manage the demands of the weekly grind? • Longing for …

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May 15

Homeschool History & Geography 6: Curriculum/Lesson Plans

This is A Beka book #76147. This curriculum which has been devised by professional Christian teachers and administrators, contains day by day lesson plans for an entire year. The purpose of this curriculum is to help you, the parent. Thousands of Christian schools and home schools around the world successfully use the A Beka Book …

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May 15

Achieving Brilliance at Home: How Teach Your Child Almost Anything (Volume 1)

Is your child taught by the very best teachers available in your district? Are the best educational practices known to date utilized in teaching your child? Is your gifted child limited to flying just under the clouds because your school district doesn’t have the advanced classes he needs? Worse, yet, is your special child in …

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May 14

Bringing Reggio Emilia Home: An Innovative Approach to Early Childhood Education (Early Childhood Education Series)

This is the first book to integrate the experience of a year-long internship in the preschools of Reggio, Italy, with a four-year adaptation effort in one American school. It is the compelling story of an American intern living and working alongside Italian educators and her attempts to bring the practices and values she learned home …

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May 13

Your Best Body Now: Look and Feel Fabulous at Any Age the Eat-Clean Way

New York Times bestselling author Tosca Reno knows exactly how you feel. She went from being a flabby, 200+ pound woman to a slim and sexy fitness expert—all past the age of 40! Now, for the first time ever, she reveals her secrets to looking better every year. Using the simple, Eat-Clean principles that have …

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May 12

Homeschool: Why What How

Homeschooling is the most natural and effective way to educate a child. But just because it is best doesn’t mean it has to break the budget. A low or no cost guide to giving your children the BEST and why you should. Answers questions such as “Why homeschool? What about socialization? What about college? How …

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